Hydrogeologists currently available for on-hire include:

Hydrogeologist with more than 45 years’ experience – water resource management, conjunctive use, artificial groundwater recharge and storage, groundwater (and water) quality, waste management, landfill, landfill gas (LFG), environmental management and protection, life-cycle analysis (LCA). Also – non-hydrogeological – water and wastewater treatment, sludge management, etc.

Hydrogeologist with more than 26 years of experience working in environmental consulting marine geology and resource exploration (base metals/petroleum) in Australia. Specialises in the assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater, due diligence audits and environmental management plans (EMP).

Hydrogeologist with more than 20 years of professional experience on environmental consulting projects conducted within both Australia and the United States. This experience includes: the assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater impacts (inc. PFAS) at commercial, defence, industrial, residential and mining properties; the design, installation, development and testing of groundwater bore networks; the evaluation of potable water supplies in remote, indigenous communities; dye tracing of groundwater in mature, karst aquifers; landfill closure and assessment activities; environmental impact assessments; environmental audits, and; the development of numerical, geochemical and water balance models.

Hydrogeologist with over 18 years’ experience in the environmental consulting industry. Specialises in landfill regulatory compliance, landfill rehabilitation, environmental auditing, hydrogeology and contaminated site assessment. Experience includes feasibility studies for mine sites, industrial land redevelopments, groundwater resource appraisals and environmental audits of operating and closed landfills.

Hydrogeologist with over 16 years’ experience relevant to contaminated land assessment and remediation. Experience is predominantly related to project management, environmental site assessments, UST excavation assessments, groundwater monitoring / assessment and remediation. A recognised technical leader in hydrogeological assessment, including NAPL, natural attenuation processes and groundwater geochemistry. Also has two years’ experience working as an exploration geologist with Great Central Mines and Astro Mining with duties mainly involving drill core logging and geological mapping.

Hydrogeologist with over 15 years of post-graduate experience mainly in environmental consulting and as an environmental manager for operational sites. She has worked both on major landfills, extractive sites, manufacturing plants and upstream and downstream hydrocarbon facilities.