Out-Task Environmental staff are appropriately qualified and experienced to undertake environmental assessments of potentially contaminated land in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and planning authorities for the management of contaminated land and in development approval processes.

The key objective of the site assessment process is to determine the nature, extent and levels of any existing contamination on a site to evaluate the actual or potential risk to human health or the environment. The minimum assessment protocol typically comprises a preliminary (Phase I) investigation (followed by a detailed (Phase II) investigation if necessary). Site specific risk assessment and implementation of management options, i.e. remediation, may also be required to identify and manage any unacceptable risks.

In addition to contaminated land investigations, Out-Task Environmental can also assist with other related services including underground petroleum storage system (UPSS) management, waste categorisation (including soils) and general environmental monitoring in line with the relevant Environment Protection Authority (EPA Victoria) guidelines.

Example clients or projects undertaken by Out-Task Environmental include the following:

92-96 Railway Crescent, Broadmeadows, Victoria. Detailed site investigation (DSI)  of soil and groundwater in support of a s53X statutory contaminated land audit to satisfy a Hume City Council planning permit application condition for a proposed sensitive end use (school).  Early and close liaison with the nominated environmental auditor ensured smooth progression of the investigation process resulting in the issue of a Certificate of Environment Audit for the site.

Glass manufacturing facility, Booker Street, Spotswood, Victoria. Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) and stormwater investigation of high risk areas in response to requirements and recommendations outlined in a draft Major Industries Assessment (MIA) report issued to client by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA).

Seven recycled water plants (RWP) at Bacchus Marsh, Melton, Gisborne, Riddells Creek, Romsey, Sunbury and Woodend, Victoria. Consulting services includes development of EPA Victoria licence risk based environmental monitoring plans; annual groundwater, surface water and wastewater monitoring programs; annual agronomic soil assessments relating to recycled water irrigation schemes; amalgamated environmental and hydrogeological risk assessment; rationalisation and expansion of groundwater bore networks; sampling of Romsey / Lancefield water supply observation bores (inc. bore 139.5 m deep).

Clunes, Creswick and Daylesford, Victoria. Excavated drainage sediment stockpile hazard categorisation investigations in accordance with the waste classification framework.

Melbourne, Victoria. Soil hazard categorisation and contamination testing of basement excavations at multi-million dollar residential and commercial redevelopments. Usually undertaken on rapid response and processing times to meet demanding construction deadlines.

Out-Task Environmental is registered as a consultant for  Contamination Testing on the whole of Victorian Government Construction Supplier Register (CSR).