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Generally, all staff have a minimum of five years consultancy based work experience, working across a broad range of sub-sectors within the industry. As a result, our staff have developed into professionals with an inherent understanding of OHS and technical quality service provision.

Out-Task Environmental provides the services of its staff from both a fieldwork and office support based perspective within a prescribed risk management framework and are fully insured with regards to Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. In consultation with the client, Out-Task Environmental is committed to ensuring that all technical and occupational health & safety (OHS) risks are identified and managed effectively via the implementation of a safe work management system.

Our reputation relies on us providing the client with the best site personnel to meet their business needs. To ensure the quality of our personnel we adhere to a rigorous recruitment process involving:

  • Comprehensive client briefs
  • Candidate qualification and competency checks
  • Out-Task Environmental interview
  • Reference checking
  • Client CV synopsis review (if required)
  • Out-Task Environmental and client inductions
  • Fitness for work assessment (if required)

All personnel go to the client “site ready”, fully insured, with the appropriate PPE and fully briefed on their role.

Typical tasks that Out-Task Environmental can help with from both an on-hire and subcontracting perspective are summarised below:

Field Support

  • soil & groundwater monitoring / sampling
  • marine and fluvial sediment investigation (including acid sulphate soils)
  • contractor supervision
  • environmental audit verification sampling
  • validation sampling
  • tank excavation and assessment (TEA)
  • air quality testing / sampling
  • subsurface and surface emission landfill gas monitoring
  • O&M of remediation systems
  • ecological survey (including aquatic)
  • geotechnical testing / sampling
  • level 1 supervision of earthworks
  • construction quality assurance (CQA)

Office Support

  • environmental auditing (including 53V audits)
  • independent reporting
  • risk assessment
  • environmental site assessment
  • data analysis and validation
  • environmental impact assessment
  • environmental management systems
  • social impact assessment
  • land capability / soil suitability assessment
  • land salinity and nutrient management
  • catchment management
  • waste water and water resource engineering
  • water balances
  • waste water recycling
  • irrigation design and operation
  • hydrogeological modelling
  • hydrological and hydraulic modelling
  • wave and hydrodynamic modelling
  • geographic information systems (GIS)
  • waste management / recycling
  • soil hazard categorisation / management
  • sustainability management
  • corporate environmental performance reporting and benchmarking

(This list is not exhaustive and only provides an indicative list of tasks associated with environmental site assessments. Contact Out-Task Environmental to discuss more specific requirements).