Out-Task Environmental offers independent environmental audit services led by Dr Harry Grynberg who is an Environmental Auditor (Industrial Facilities), appointed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA Victoria) pursuant to the Environment Protection Act 2017.

Under the Environment Protection Act, the EPA appoints environmental auditors and regulates their conduct. EPA-appointed auditors provide independent advice, identifying whether there is a need or opportunity for improving the environmental quality of a site or industrial process with respect to pollution. Environmental auditors are highly qualified and skilled individuals with eight years or more experience in environmental science and/or engineering and environmental auditing.

As an Industrial Facilities Auditor, Dr Grynberg can undertake the following:

  • Environmental audits – statutory (Section 53V), regulatory, EMS and due diligence;
  • Environmental compliance and management audits;
  • Monitoring program verification;
  • Oversight of EPA permissions applications;
  • Water and wastewater management and treatment;
  • Landfill management, design, operations, monitoring programs, compliance audits;
  • EPA, local government, other regulator, stakeholder and community liaison; and
  • Expert witness for appeals tribunals, arbitration and court hearings.

Dr Grynberg has undertaken many audits during his career for private and public clients both in Victoria and interstate for various sites including mines & mineral processing sites, oil producing facilities, industrial liquid waste treatment sites, manufacturing sites, transport depots, metal working sites and others. More detail on his auditing and consulting experience can be viewed on his resume.

53V Environmental Audit

A 53V (‘risk of harm’) audit is most commonly used by EPA to understand the risk to the environment posed by an industrial activity or to validate that cleanup of contaminated land or groundwater has occurred. The 53V audit assesses the risk of any possible harm to a site caused by an industrial process or activity, waste substance or noise. This includes audits associated with the construction and operation of landfills. A 53V audit can be used to demonstrate compliance with an EPA licence or to assess the remaining contamination on a site to support the scope of a cleanup plan.

The outcome of a 53V audit is an audit report, usually with recommendations for ongoing management of the land, including a direction or guidance to minimise or further investigate any remaining risks.